Bruno Sarda – Director of Social Responsibility at Dell

How Sustainable is Your Story?

#13: How Sustainable is Your Story?

With topics as potentially divisive as climate change and sustainability, business communicators need to empathize and find common ground with their audiences to make their stories resonate.

It’s funny that going green is controversial. Efficient use of resources, reduced pollution, recyclability of products, seems to have become a deeply politicized issue. Businesses are forced to make a difficult choice: do we make healthy profits and economic growth, at the risk of harming the environment? Or do we spend considerable effort making green products, and potentially lose valuable revenue? It’s a tough decision, and one wrong choice can have devastating effects on the future of the organization.

Now, what if I were to tell you that these two options could complement each other? What if going green could benefit a company and boost revenue beyond expectations? There’s only one key ingredient you would need for this situation; a story.

Our guest today is Bruno Sarda of Dell Inc. Inspired by the storytelling of the great explorer Jacques Cousteau, Bruno has helped Dell revolutionize the computer manufacturing industry by creating sustainable methods of building and disposing of computer parts. Bruno’s storytelling marketing strategy for Dell not only boosted sales, it also cut emissions and pollution in the tech production process. Bruno will explain the business side of sustainability, how he uses branding to get people motivated about green issues, and the importance of a company being authentic. Join us today for valuable insight from a leading expert in the field of story brand marketing, and you too can help change the world.

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • Integrating business into sustainability through brand market strategy
  • Necessity of authenticity and transparency
  • How to get people excited and motivated using the outcome

Key Quotes:

  • “Sell the ‘why,’ not just the ‘what.’” – Bruno Sarda
  • “I cannot think of a single example where an organization regretted being transparent.” – Bruno Sarda
  • “Change is hard, even when it’s change we want.” – Bruno Sarda
  • “You don’t get in trouble for the act, you get in trouble for the coverup.” – Park Howell
  • “Even though your hearts in the right place, your intentions in the right place, they’re going to call you out on it.” – Park Howell

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