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Jesse Kay, Host of 20 under 20s podcast

#105: How to Connect To Generation Z With Your Story Marketing

#105: How to Connect To Generation Z With Your Story Marketing

Jesse Kay is one of New Jersey ‘s most precocious high school students who has a popular podcast, 20 Under 20’s, and is becoming an expert on how to connect with Generation Z (aka Gen Z) with your brand storytelling.

Just as we were starting to learn how to best connect with millennials, a new generation has arrived.

Generation Z is making history as the first to be raised in the age of technology, and that makes them more unique than any other demographic. Despite making up almost a quarter of the population, many marketing experts still have no idea how to connect with these youth. Today you will learn how to communicate with Gen Z from an expert.Jesse Kay | Generation Z

Joining us this week is one of the most articulate and driven entrepreneurs his age. Jesse Kay is the host of the 20 Under 20’s podcast and has interviewed young entrepreneurs from around the country, seeking to teach youth around the world the lessons gained through business. Jesse is already an expert social media marketer and can teach you just what you need to communicate to any generation through any major platform. He also has great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs of any age, and understands that the best way to start a business is to start right now!

Tune in today and learn how to best communicate with the smartphone generation.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How to effectively attract Gen Z
  • How to communicate with the smartphone generation
  • Co-creating your own stories through social media

Key Quotes

  • “As long as you know your audience, you can connect with them.” – Jesse Kay
  • “If it fails, that’s okay. Failure is learning.” – Jesse Kay
  • “There are no barriers. Anyone can start anything.” – Jesse Kay
  • “You have to take a hard stance to capture someone’s attention.” – Jesse Kay
  • “You have to be extreme in your storytelling to catch Gen Z.” – Park Howell

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