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Pete Sena, Founder of Digital Surgeons

#186: How the Medium Magnifies Your Message

#186: How the Medium Magnifies Your Message

The media you choose, the channels you select, determine the kind of message you will share to connect with your audience. And most of us use our analytical left brain to understand what drives our customers. But this only covers what we believe is the logical behavioral side, and isn’t capturing the full picture of what customers want and need.

Therefore, in this week’s episode, discover a revolutionary way of understanding audiences and how to effectively communicate using an interesting combination of algorithms and anecdotes. 

Pete is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Digital Surgeons, a communications company that helps its partners design forward-thinking brands, business models and experiences. They design brand experiences for notable companies including Lego, The US Open, and Sabra.

Pete believes that creativity and curiosity have the power to not only change people personally and professionally, but that it can also change the planet. 

“What better way to tell a story of who you are than how you express yourself, how you dress, how you show yourself to the world?” — Pete Sena

What message is your medium sending, and are you using it effectively?

Learn how Digital Surgeons’ brand storytelling process leads with empathy to strengthen and enhance customer experiences and opportunities. They’ve mastered the art and power of using technology for storytelling. 

“I could shake my reality and others’ reality by writing codes in the computer.” —Pete Sena

He takes us on a journey of how they did all of this with one of my favorite brands, Camelbak, the hearty hydration company that seems nearly ubiquitous with hiking and the great outdoors.


Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Algorithm vs anecdote
  • How empathy can strengthen your customer experience
  • How to ask better questions to transform your relationship with your clients
  • What is a medium and how does it function
  • The relationship between logic and emotion
  • How are coding and storytelling the same in terms of creating the best user experience

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