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#314: My Newfound Brother-in-Law is an International Casino Consultant

#314: My Newfound Brother-in-Law is an International Casino Consultant

We all have a back story to tell, our origin stories that have taken us to great heights in both our personal lives and our careers. But how do you use your back story to move, inspire and persuade your audience and become a compelling storyteller?

It’s being able to look into your own memories and life experiences for ways to illustrate your message. Looking into the events in your life that make you believe in the idea you are trying to share so you can be authentic, relatable, and accessible to your audience. And when you hone into this, it allows your story to stand out. 

To celebrate this very special 6th anniversary edition of the Business of Story, I am honored to bring you my new brother-in-law, Hugh Jim Reynolds Shaddick. My wife, Michele’s, newfound brother via the DNA test 23andMe.

Jim has undoubtedly lived a storied life. He studied fine art and industrial design at Grimsby Technical College School of Art and was accepted to the Royal College of Art in London but passed for work in Rome.

Jim later became the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Linc Smith, a division of Bally Manufacturing. At its peak, he oversaw 3,500 employees manufacturing and distributing 3,700 video machines, 670 pinball tables and 120 to 150 slot machines per day. Jim became an international casino consultant designing gaming experiences from Greece to France to Italy to Russia.

I wanted to capture his remarkable story with you on how he used his own memories and life experiences to excel in his career of becoming an international casino consultant, his journey in building gaming environments around the world and what it has meant to him to find his family after 76 years.


Discussed in this episode

  • The key to never losing sight of who your customers are – the power of stratifying your customer base and communicating that you know what they want and the problems you can solve for them
  • The secret to Jim’s storytelling business success, “Make the small people feel big.” The importance in making your customers feel valued
  • How to create that value return so your customers can feel that their experience is equal to the value of what they spent
  • Jim shares his inspiring story about finding his family, their connection and the power he has given to their family story



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