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#172: How to Craft Your Brand Story to be Nimble

#172: How to Craft Your Brand Story to be Nimble

As a business storytelling speaker, a customer relationship management (CRM) system is pretty important for me to organize my prospects. But I find my relationship with the CRMs I’ve tried to be frustrating, cumbersome and not particularly effective.

I recently heard about another up-and-coming CRM called Nimble and decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use. Yet I wondered what their story was. How were they able to stand out among the other CRMs? I thought I’d challenge Nimble’s CEO to see if he could use the Story Cycle System™ to define his core advantage and humanize his technical offering.

On this week’s episode, Jon Ferrara, founder of Nimble CRM, shares how they used the Story Cycle to help clarify their brand story, amplify their impact and simplify their lives. Jon is an entrepreneur who made his mark in the business world by creating and ultimately selling GoldMine, a Sales Force Automation and CRM software. But after a near-death experience, he realized early retirement wasn’t for him. Instead, he set out to redefine customer relationship management by creating an online platform that grows organically with the growth of its users’ social communities and email contacts.

But can Nimble really be that effective and separate itself from the competition? Jon and I explore the brand story of Nimble using the Story Cycle System™, and how he has differentiated Nimble in a crowded market to be an award-winning CRM used by 140,000+ professionals worldwide. You’ll feel inspired to work on differentiating your brand too.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • How CRM works as a life tool (not just as a business tool)
  • How to determine the physical and philosophical needs of your target audience, like Nimble has done
  • What believing in higher vibration means and how it’s expressed


Your life is a gift. You don’t know when it will end. Your job is to grow.”  —Jon Ferrara

“It’s easier to build an idea than to create a new idea.”  —Jon Ferrara

“Having enriched contacts helps you to enrich your relationships which in the end will enrich your life.”   —Jon Ferrara

“Relationships are critical to your life success.”  —Jon Ferrara

“The biggest failure in business is that people don’t do what they say they were going do.”  —Jon Ferrara

“The greatest gift you can give is your presence.” —Jon Ferrara

We are on this planet to make memories out of moments.” —Jon Ferrara

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