Cassa Grant

#287: Offbeat Leader? Own Your Weird With Your Story

#287: Offbeat Leader? Own Your Weird With Your Story

What you believe affects your actions and, ultimately, your outcome. And because your beliefs are shaped by the narratives you tell yourself, they must be genuine, regardless of how offbeat they seem.

But even the most seasoned leaders need help finding their true personal brand story. When they do, they become more influential, generate more buy-in, and become the best version of themselves.

Seasoned brand and leadership coach and consultant Cassa Grant shares how you can find your authentic rhythm at any point in your career, regardless of how “weird” it may be.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why being offbeat is an asset and why it is a much richer place to lead from
  • The negative consequences of a leader not embracing their “inner” weirdness
  • How to identify the stories you tell yourself and how to fully embrace your authentic self
  • How you can bring all of yourself to work without worrying about seeming “unprofessional”

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