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#304: How Stuckey’s is Growing by Reclaiming its Brand Story

#304: How Stuckey’s is Growing by Reclaiming its Brand Story

Every brand has a valuable story to tell. All you have to do is look to its past and find the story that made it unique in the first place.

Today’s guest will show you how. Stephanie Stuckey is the CEO of  Stuckey’s, the roadside oasis famous for its pecan log rolls. Stephanie shares her family’s comeback story and how she is using their brand story to revive Stuckey’s brand by resurrecting stories from the past to create a brighter future.

She loves to use her family’s origin stories and her grandfather’s history to connect with her audience and build authentic relationships to drive sales and reach a wider audience.

Stuckey’s was originally founded by her grandfather, W.S Stuckey, Sr. as a peacan stand in Eastman, Georgia in 1937 and later grew into over 350 stores by the 1970s. The company was sold in 1964 but is now back in family hands and poised for a comeback. Billy Stuckey, son of the founder and former U.S. Congressman, reacquired Stuckey’s in 1985. The company is now under Stephanie’s leadership after she took over it in November 2019.

Under her wing, Stuckey’s has successfully grown to what it is today. The company has purchased a healthy pecan snack company, undergone a major rebranding, added three new franchised stores, expanded its B2B retail business base, increased its online sales by 550% with a new website, and will soon acquire a peacon processing and candy manufacturing.

Stephanie was named one of the 100 Most Influential Georgians by Georgia Trend Magazine and is a graduate of Leadership Atlanta. She received both her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Georgia.

She has impressively worked as a trial lawyer, was elected to seven terms as a state representative, has run an environmental non-profit law firm that settled the largest Clean Water Act case in Georgia history, has served as Director of Sustainability and Resilience for the City of Atlanta, and has taught as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Georgia School of Law.

Today, the lesson you will learn is that if you feel like your brand has grown stale, look to its past and dust off the story that made it special in the first place.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Stephanie shares her three rules when it comes to effective brand storytelling
  • How Stephanie used the stories about road trips to revive Stuckey’s brand, the strategies she used, and how she rebuilt her family company to the success it is today
  • How to spark conversations on social media to form engagement and organic relationships so you can drive sales and reach a wider audience
  • The importance of the journey itself as oppose to the destination – the stories people really care about hearing from you and your brand
  • Finding your valuable business story and how you can use it for your brand storytelling to authentically sell


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