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#209: How Selfless Service Will Grow Your Brand Story

#209: How Selfless Service Will Grow Your Brand Story

Every business owner wants to see continued growth, and many try cutthroat tactics to do so. But perhaps the most powerful way to grow a brand is antithetical to how most executives think: give instead of to receive.

Where’s the profit in that? The margin? The value for the time expended? To some it may seem ridiculous. For people like Jonathan Keyser, it’s the best way to sustainably grow your business.

My guest Jonathan Keyser knows first-hand how selfless service not only benefits others, but ultimately is your brand’s most alluring asset. He is the founder and thought leader behind Keyser, the largest commercial real estate brokerage/consulting firm in Arizona. This great achievement did not come easy, but rather through a very strategic and altruistic plan of focusing on selfless service first as shared in his new book, You Don’t Have to be Ruthless to Win.

From his childhood, Jonathan’s parents instilled the values of community service and volunteerism through missionary work abroad. As a family, they were financially poor, but wealthy in how they contributed to the community.

I was raised with this idea of success through service. ~Jonathan Keyser

When they returned to the States, Jonathan was tired of doing without. So he did just the opposite. He became a cut-throat commercial real estate broker with a no-holds-barred approach to achieving wealth, even at the expense of his friends, family and health. But then came his awakening. The proverbial prodigal son returned to home to his roots of selfless service and has built a real estate empire by helping others.

You spend all your time helping people and over time if you love, and help, and serve enough people you create a community where all they want to do is help you back. ~Jonathan Keyser

You will hear his remarkable story and how you and your purpose-driven brand can replicate his success through selfless service.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • When the story of who you are is at your core, you will always be successful
  • When serving others is a part of your story, then others will want to serve you
  • How the power of sharing your story can inspire others to positively change their lives
  • How the power of sharing your story can change an industry
  • How the power of story can create an intended culture within your organization and even your community

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