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#327: How Story Attracts Attention to the Unnoticed Entrepreneur

#327: How Story Attracts Attention to the Unnoticed Entrepreneur

As a business owner, you know content marketing is king. And you want to share information that will capture attention to increase your exposure and send your engagement rates through the roof.

But despite all your efforts, you feel unnoticed.

Your messaging isn’t connecting because you’re not amplifying it for engagement. When you focus on making it simple, innovative and context-sensitive that’s when your audience will sit up and finally take notice.

A well-seasoned entrepreneur himself, Jim James shares in his new book, The Unnoticed Entrepreneur; 50 Ideas for Your Company to Stand Out, his powerful Speak PR methodology – Storification, Personalisation, Engagement, Amplification and Knowledge. He takes us through his five-stage approach that will help you create a framework to build a simple and structured approach to your public relations.

Jim is also the Founder and Chairman of EASTWEST Public Relations Group, having over 25 years of marketing experience in both business and consumer facing industries in Asia. His impressive array of clientele includes Sony Asia, Roche Vitamins Asia, Nortel Networks, AT&T, Philips Consumer Electronics and Microsoft. 

His business experience in Asia also expanded in being a  Managing Director of Morgan Cars China, CEO of Lotus Cars China, Investor and Chairman of Eggplant Digital, founder of the British Business Awards in China and in 2015 the British Motorsport Festival in Beijing. He was also Vice-Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in China.

Tune in as Jim dives deeper into his five-step Speak PR process, how you can trigger the “Cascade Theory” of people sharing your story and where you score on his Active Communications Index. 


Discussed in this episode

  • Why you need to take on the role as the facilitator of your customer’s journey in your brand storytelling
  • The importance of defining who the hero of your story is
  • Understanding the three types of audience your business serves – the internal, the external and your partners
  • How to create content that is engaging and amplification techniques on how you can make your content go viral
  • The art of simplicity in content creation to persuade your audience to take action 
  • What is the Active Communications Index and how you can use it to measure not just your results but what you do


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