Julie Hansen

#365: Video Tips for Virtual Sales and Marketing Storytelling

#365: Video Tips for Virtual Sales and Marketing Storytelling

Let’s face it, it’s hard to connect with that person or persons sitting on the other side of the screen on virtual calls.

So how do you own that virtual stage to develop personal relationships, connect with your buyer and influence with confidence to drive sales?

Known as a thought-leader in virtual selling and video communications, Julie Hansen shares eye-opening techniques to adapt to the camera’s constraints and communicate with greater influence, credibility, and engagement. Julie helps business professionals communicate with greater confidence, credibility, and influence in a virtual and hybrid world.

She is the creator of the Selling On Video Master Class and author of three sales books, including the Top Sales Book of 2021, Look Me In The Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners, & Teams which reveals how actors, television reporters, and digital influencers build personal relationships through the screen—and how to apply these same skills to your virtual meetings, video calls or recordings.

On top of her award-winning sales career, Julie worked as a professional actor performing in over 75 plays, commercials, movies and television shows, including HBO’s Sex & The City.

Join us as we explore how to establish a personal connection with one person or one thousand on video; when you absolutely, positively must look at the camera; how to avoid Resting Business Face and other self-sabotaging virtual behaviors and how to read body language, present content, and manage tools while staying engaged with your audience. Julie also shares a simple acting technique for connecting with those not on video.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Understanding that the camera is the eyes of your audience and why you need to focus on talking to the one person
  • The art of reading body language and what cues to look for
  • The techniques you can use to create a more in-person experience through video
  • Building a relationship with your camera
  • How to use a variety of your virtual tools to hold the attention of easily distracted virtual audiences
  • Why in-person body language won’t work for video
  • Julie critiques my short video that I produced about my ABT’s of selling
  • Ways you can channel your energy in slow, purposeful movements
  • Understanding the boundaries of your frame
  • Finding the right moments to be expressive


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