How capturing your brand story will lead to epic growth for your organization


Own Your Story: Your DIY Guide to Craft And Tell Compelling Brand Stories That Sell, is a brand storytelling workbook written by Park Howell that will guide you through his proven 10-step Story Cycle process to help you craft and tell a compelling brand story that will sell like never before.

Now fully interactive, this do-it-yourself guide includes in-line forms you can fill out on-screen and video tutorials that guide you through each chapter.

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How Do I Know If How To Craft and Tell Brand Stories That Sell Is Right For Me?

Customers and clients use the DIY Story Cycle workbook to clarify their brand story to separate themselves from their competition and connect on a more human level with their customers and audiences to move them to action.

It’s an interactive PDF written by Park Howell that enables you to capture all of your thoughts and story within the workbook and save it and revise your story as your business flourishes.

In your interactive workbook, you’ll work through the steps to uncover your brand story:

  • Chapter 1: Claim your #1 position in the market: What do you do better than anyone else?
  • Chapter 2: Learn how to tell your story in terms that directly connect with your market.
  • Chapter 3: Define your narrative goals to move your revenue and growth needles.
  • Chapter 4: Unveil your unique value proposition to make your offer urgent.
  • Chapter 5: Step through and outline your story SWOT analysis.
  • Chapter 6: Humanize your offering by getting absolutely clear on your emotional promise.
  • Chapter 7: Map your audiences so you know what story to tell them when and where.
  • Chapter 8: Learn how to celebrate customer milestones to keep them on your brand journey?
  • Chapter 9: Step beyond making money and learn how to truly empower your customers.
  • Chapter 10: How to create happy customers, repeat business and word of mouth marketing.

Who is How To Craft and Tell Brand Stories That Sell for?

  • Founders/CEOs
  • B2B & B2C Marketers
  • Marketing & Sales Directors
  • Leaders and Communicators in Professional Services Firms
  • Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Start-ups
  • Small & Mid-Sized Businesses
  • In-house Marketing Executives
  • Ad Agency Executives
  • Leadership Coaches

How do I use the brand workbook?

How you ultimately use this DIY workbook and the value it brings to your brand is all about the effort you put in and the discipline you apply to having a well defined and powerful brand story strategy. Once you’re finished your workbook, you can do what a lot of people do, and sign-up for a one-hour Pick My Brain session to help you finalize your brand story. Your workbook comes with a video tutorial as well.

What if I’d like you to present the workbook as a workshop for my business or organization?

Many also love to go through the process with me in person! I can come to your business or organization and take you through the How To Craft and Tell Brand Stories That Sell a four-hour workshop. If you’re in the Phoenix area or would like to plan a visit, I welcome you to come to my offices in Central Phoenix. To book your own private workshop with me click here.

Other Questions? I’m happy to answer them here.

Story on, my friend.

Park Howell

P.S. If you’d like to order your own hard copy or copies so you can wrap your arms around it in real life…Please contact us here.

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