Build a Better Brand Story Sprint May 2021 Cohort

Build a Better Brand Story Sprint

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am PDT from 5/4 –  5/20

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ACT I: Clarify Your Story

Session 1

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Session 2

ACT II: Amplify Your Impact

Session 1

Session 2

ACT III: Simplify Your Life

Session 1

I thought you’d enjoy and learn from the brand story crafting for Avantpage:

Story Quest for Thursday:

  1. Share a story on Thursday that illustrates the real-world impact you have made on an individual and their organization using the 5 primal elements.
  2. Set up your story by starting with a brief ABT to create context.
  3. You only have THREE MINUTES to share your ABT and short story.
The 5 Primal Elements of a Short Story for Big Impact:
  1. Time Stamp: When did your story happen?
  2. Location Stamp: Where did your story happen?
  3. Central Character: Who is at the center of your story your audience can relate to?
  4. Action/surprise: What happened and what was the surprising outcome?
  5. Aha Moment: Make your business point and have a call-to-action.
To help you find a story, use one of your descriptors from either your Promise, Gift or OOOH! Exercise and use it as the central theme. For a refresher, revisit Chapter 7 in Brand Bewitchery, where I demonstrate the ABTs and stories I share each with a singular word theme from my OOOH! Exercise.
Session 2:
Bonus Tool:
Randy Olson latest book on the ABT, THE NARRATIVE GYM BOOK
This book, although written for scientists and academia, will give you more tools and building blocks for crafting your ABTs. If you like what you read, then please support Randy and purchase a hard copy on Amazon.