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#199: How to Use the ABT to Focus Your Brand Stories

#199: How to Use the ABT to Focus Your Brand Stories

Most executives communicate and care but bore. Therefore, this episode is all about using the ABT narrative framework to make your audiences and customers sit up, listen and care.

The ABT structure guides you to create a concise brand proposition as it uses the primal elements of set up (And), the customer problem your brand is solving for (But), and your sought-after solution (Therefore).

And with us today is the revealer of the And, But and Therefore “ABT” framework that he calls the “Nucleus of Narrative.” He ought to know. Dr. Randy Olson is a Ph.D. Evolutionary Biologist from Harvard and a graduate of the legendary USC film school with three documentaries and three books (now four) under his belt. His new eBook, Narrative is Everything, makes the case for how ubiquitous the ABT structure is throughout society and how to master the art of using it in business, entertainment, politics and religion.

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The power of ABT allows the user to shape their narrative in a way that is clear and concise for any audience. For example, brands are in the problem-solving business but if the brand doesn’t understand their customers’ needs, then most likely they will lose the sale. However, using ABT when working with potential and current clients creates meaningful connections and truly clarifies the needs and goals. This results in a lasting bond between the brand and its customer. In fact, Dr. Randy Olson believes that ABT is the difference between brand longevity and oblivion. He calls it “Narrative Selection.”

Narrative is the selecting mechanism for our culture that over time, what persists is brands that use ABT structure to a large extent and those that don’t will get selected against. ~ Dr. Randy Olson

Look, we have a great tool here with ABT. What are you going to do with it? ~ Dr. Randy Olson

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • How the creators of South Park’s use of ABT and the Rule of Replacing for tremendous success
  • How to use Randy Olson’s “Narrative Index”
  • “Narrative Selection” and how it is the selecting mechanism for our culture
  • How President Trump’s use of ABT helped him win the presidency

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