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#235: How Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story Can Triple Your Growth

#235: How Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story Can Triple Your Growth

Certain stigmas exist within industries, and if you are a business that serves the nonprime sector you know first-hand the negative connotation that follows. But what if you are a purpose-driven brand that exists to do the opposite of what you’re negatively perceived for? I bet you are extremely frustrated. Because it’s nearly impossible to grow your brand and increase your impact if you’re perceived as the “bad guy”. So, let me show you how to become a hero instead of a villain in the hearts and minds of your audience by refocusing your purpose-driven brand story.

My guest is a client of mine who knows better than just about anyone the power of a focused brand story. André Martin Hobbs is the founder of Prêt, Auto, Partez, a used car dealership that educates buyers on financial planning and repairs their credit through their car purchase. However, before focusing his brand story, very few took the time to hear the purpose behind the brand. André shares how creating a focused brand narrative not only got his audience to listen and care, but allowed the brand to triple its growth in only a few short years.

When I began working with André, he had 22 websites with 22 different logos and absolutely no brand. But he did have something extremely valuable: a fantastic purpose-driven business model. By working through the Story Cycle System™ and utilizing two other powerful narrative frameworks, we arrived at a brand story so compelling it changed the entire trajectory of the business.

We now have a brand with a story that is so dialed in and so strong that our clients are able and excited to share it with others, which has resulted in more clients for us. ~André Martin Hobbs

Even more, the staff is empowered because they have a clear understanding of the role they play in their clients’ lives which benefits each client by providing them a more personalized solution.

Creating a focused brand story clarified who our staff is in our clients’ lives and we realized that first and foremost their role is to be mentors. ~ André Martin Hobbs

Discussed in this Episode

  • How your brand story has the power to change your company culture
  • Why it is imperative that you make your customers the hero of your brand story
  • How having a clear brand story allows for and encourages greater word of mouth marketing
  • How to use your brand story as a roadmap to identify opportunities that provide more value for your customers
  • Why it is crucial that you identify your brand archetype (its “personality”) and that you weave it throughout your brand narrative
  • Why a clear brand story should make clear not only what you make but what you make happen in the lives of your customers

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