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Welcome to the ABTs of Business Storytelling

“ABT training is an easy and practical way of learning. But oftentimes we receive information that is too difficult to follow. Therefore, utilizing these tools removes frustration and builds confidence so you become unstoppable.” Carl Cyprian, Certified Life & Health Coach

You communicate and care, but don’t connect with your audience like you could.


Because you lead with logic and reason (boring) when what their buying brain really wants is the emotional pull of a story (exciting!).

This course will transform you into a Storytelling Svengali. When complete, your messages will hack through the noise and hook the hearts of your audience every time.

It all starts the And, But, Therefore (ABT) narrative framework.

These three simple words work because they use the three forces of story that are irresistible to the primal pattern-seeking, cause-and-effect, decision-making limbic brain.

But you have to understand the magic to cast the spell.

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Imagine owning any room with your enchanting storytelling ability:

  • Learn how to make your messages land right the first time, every time in under 15 seconds.
  • Leverage the ABT framework to make ALL of your communications more compelling across every channel.
    – Craft emails that actually get responses
    – Dramatically increase engagement with your social media posts
    – Clearly communicate with your colleagues on internal platforms
  • Use the ABT to develop a common storytelling language with your team to build consistency in your communications
  • Dial in your brand story to create a narrative that captivates your customers
  • Focus all of your presentations on a singular problem/solution narrative using the ABT for speed to impact
  • Bridge the gap between marketing hyperbole and the stories that actually ignite sales
  • Craft long-form communications that excite your audiences to take action
  • Become a sales Svengali by using the ABT as a remarkable story listening tool to truly understand your audience
  • Lead every meeting much more productively, get everyone on the same page and motivate them
  • Even get your kid to eat their peas

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Immersive 90-minute virtual training session: Thursday, June 1, at 10 am PDT

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$250 Investment for Priceless Persuasive Skill Development

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You Will Learn the Same Storytelling Skills as Taught to Professionals at These Iconic Brands:

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The 4-Week Deliberate Practice Mastery Course:

As you’ll learn, this messaging marvel is short AND sweet BUT tricky, SO practice, practice, practice…

WEEK ONE: You take The ABTs of Agile Communications quick online course. Through three short modules, you will learn how to wield the ABT to make ALL of your communications more persuasive to grow your revenue and influence. And, you can start applying the ABT immediately.

WEEK TWO: You join our highly-interactive 90-minute virtual session where we take a deeper dive into the ABT, plus you participate in breakout sessions testing your ABTs and learning from other cohort members.

WEEK THREE: We host a 60-minute Ask Me Anything virtual session to continue growing as a more confident and compelling communicator.

WEEK FOUR: You’ll become an exclusive member of our StoryPrompt online campfire where you can share your ABTs and comment on others using its interactive audio and video tools.

Plus, You’ll Loads of Added-Value:

You’ll benefit from individual email coaching from Park when you provide him with one of your ABTs.

And you’ll get a digital copy of The Narrative Gym for Business, the handy 75-guide to help you craft compelling ABTs.

But that’s not all! You’ll also receive the ABT replacement words to provide more creativity with your ABTs, including the habit-stacking guide to grow as a stronger storyteller.

Finally, Park may even invite you as a guest on his popular Business of Story podcast – ranked among the top 10% of downloaded podcasts in the world – to share your ABT journey.

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“This was a brilliant course with actionable steps to make our communication stronger and better! “ – Julia Campbell, Founder of the

“The actual examples were the most beneficial – made the concept concrete and helped me start visualizing how I can adapt the model. The stats on audience growth are a strong motivator and prove the practice works.” – Elizabeth Adams, Communications Coordinator, Southern Nuclear

“I am so happy I have had the opportunity to use this program. I love being able to pause and work at my own pace and have gotten so much out of it. I can’t wait to put my ABT’s into action.” – Alexis Piotrowski, Leadership Development & Employee Retention Expert

“Great info to put to practical use as soon as it is received!” Josh Nitzinger, Operations Training Coordinator at LiquidPower Specialty Products Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company

“The ABT framework course was truly a game-changer for my digital marketing approach. I can’t wait to see how it works in my future projects and I will definitely keep you posted on my progress. Thank you again for an outstanding course.” Luisa Monsalve, Lean Healthcare Consultant




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Complete the mastery course and unlock your ABT Achievement badge to share your accomplishment with the world.

If you don’t find that the ABT makes you a more confident, persuasive and influential communicator, then I’ll return your entire $250 investment. You keep the knowledge and skill.

You have nothing to lose but that boring, obfuscated, meaningless messaging that you toil tirelessly over – even though it’s not connecting or converting your audiences.

That’s a helluva deal if you ask me.


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What are you waiting for?

If you’re still wondering if this training is for you and how you’d use the ABT, listen to the 400th-Anniversary Edition of the Business of Story Podcast.


I look forward to working with you in this mastery course to rock your storytelling world… but in a good way.

#StoryOn, my friend!