Build a Better Brand Story Sprint Course

Is your business coming into 2021 with a roar or a whimper? 

NEXT Brand Story Sprint in May 2021


You provide an important product or service and you can build a robust business helping a ton of people get what they want out of life.

But like most businesses, you blend in because your brand story is out-dated, lacks luster or sounds like everyone else.

Or maybe you don’t have one. Yet!

In just six one-hour LIVE sessions with me, you will define your purpose-driven brand story that your ideal customer will find irresistible AND I’ll show you how to tell it.

Brand Story Development Sprint Outline:

In your three-week, six-session LIVE brand story development course, you will learn how to wield the Story Cycle System™ to craft spellbinding stories for your brand to…

  • Clarify your brand story to express what makes you different and distinctive in the market to become irresistible to your ideal customer.
  • Focus every story with the ABT (And, But & Therefore) narrative framework to hack through the noise and hook the hearts of your audiences immediately.
  • Unearth and share your stories to captivate and convert your customers using the five primal elements of a short story for huge impact.
  • Declare your brand purpose: what you stand for that makes you stand out.
  • Generate repeat business and FREE word of mouth marketing, the most powerful form of advertising by helping your customers share your story with the world.

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Next session planned to start May 4, 2021. 


You have to understand the magic to cast the spell

You know that feeling when you’re in a room of people, you have something special to offer and they look to you for help? Yep, that’s what it’s like when you dial in your brand story.

You know how energized you are when you’re on an important mission? That’s the destination with this instruction.

The pride you feel when people talk about you and happily share your story.

The gratification of being their “Go-To” resource.

The calm that comes with a crystal-clear vision.

The exhilaration of pursuing your purpose.

I’ll help you craft that story. Your story.



The Brand Story Creation Course Includes:

  1. LIVE instruction with Park
  2. The Brand Bewitchery online course ($400 value, priceless outcome.)
  3. Brand Story Crafting Workbook interactive PDF  ($89 value, priceless outcome.)
  4. A 60-minute one-on-one session with Park following the course on next steps including how to roll out your new story on your website (You tell me what it’s worth.)
  5. Blog post / case study on introducing your new brand story (Reach untold thousands.)
  6. Potential guest appearance on our popular Business of Story podcast (Ranked among the top 10 downloaded podcasts in the world according to Libsyn.)
  7. Crafting your bewitching brand story and learning the ability to tell it (Mom and dad might finally understand what you actually do.)


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that I can help you clarify your brand story and teach you how to share it that I GUARANTEE this program. All I ask is that you participate in all six LIVE sessions so I can help you work the magic. Then if you’re not 100% satisfied with the outcome, I will reimburse your entire course fee. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose but your current angst over not having a crystal clear brand story and knowing how to share it with your world.

What others are saying about the course…

The sprint has really elevated the way I deliver my messaging and reminded me that my story has purpose. It is why I do what I do the way I do it.  Thank you so much. I am looking forward to taking it to the next level. Wesleyne Greer, The Science of Selling STEM



I am sure I am not alone in expressing my gratitude for this workshop. It has been extremely valuable. As you know, it is a struggle to get the story down, but this course/workshop has really helped me focus my direction. – James Sprenger, UX Researcher & Design


I am now an even stronger fan of yours and all you do. This session has helped immensely and I know I will learn even more. Also, I will encourage our coaches to take your course as it will help them in all of their communications. Much fun and very productive. – Dwaine Canova, Good2Elite™ Executive Teams


The universe sent you to me, Park. This is the best thing I have ever done for my brand story. Thank you! – Radha Kalaria. ICF Certified Executive Leadership Performance Coach


I have been a successful business coach for over 20 years. And clients love how I help them. But selling new business had always been slow and painful because I couldn’t clearly communicate who and how I help. Then I joined Park’s Build a Better Brand Story Sprint. For the first time ever, people immediately know how I help, whether they need my help now, and who else they can refer to me. – Michael Ehling, Leadership Coach at Balance.


I’ve been through a few of these sprint workshops over COVID time and yours was really excellent. You have a knack to balance teaching and participation. And your personality is perfect for naturally building community. Great job! – Scott Mitchell, Expert in Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Compliance


This workshop series has been a deep dive into understanding our customer and how they see us and ultimately how to use the structure of storytelling to break through the noise. This is creating a paradigm shift for me and I look forward to having conversations with customers that are more meaningful for them and how that will impact our shared experience. Thank you Park Howell for putting me on the right path. – Dr. Stephanie Schull, Founder at Kegelbell


Hear how the Build a Better Brand Story Sprint clarified Cassa Grant’s weird leadership coaching story.


Meet Your Storytelling Guide: Park Howell

I founded the Business of Story to help leaders of purpose-driven organizations like you clarify your stories to amplify your impact and simplify your lives.

I share what I learned in the desperate throes of the worldwide recession and the takeover of technology in our communications to help you rise above the noise of the Attention Economy and be heard. To get people to actually care about you and your brand.

Now I consult, teach, coach and speak around the world to help people advance their careers, campaigns and social initiatives further, faster, through the bewitchery of story.


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Brand Storytelling Course Agenda:

Week 1/Act I: Clarify Your Story

Tuesday Session:

  • Backstory: Define your remarkable brand position in the marketplace
  • Heroes: Favoritize your audiences to charm your ideal customers
  • Stakes: Actualize what compels people to buy from you

Thursday Session:

  • Show your work/Q&A

Week 2/Act II: Amplify Your Impact

Tuesday Session:

  • Disruption: Grip your customers with a compelling unique value proposition
  • Antagonists: Leverage competitive market forces to amplify your story
  • Mentor: Embrace your brand’s endearing personality
  • Journey: Unleash stories that captivate your customers to catapult sales

Thursday Session:

  • Show your work/Q&A

Week 3/Act III: Simplify Your Life

Tuesday Session:

  • Victory: Map your success milestones to build brand bonding
  • Moral: Pronounce your brand purpose to the world
  • Ritual: Generate repeat business and FREE word of mouth marketing

Thursday Session:

  • Show your work/Q&A