The Ideal Guest for The Business of Story Podcast

I love Banksy’s storytelling. I’d call this one “The Storytelling Ape,” because essential that’s what we all are.

Help Our Listeners Excel Through the Stories They Tell

Thank you for your interest in our show.

At the Business of Story, we teach the applied science and bewitchery of storytelling to business leaders, chief revenue officers, branding folks, sales & marketing professionals, H.R. executives, nonprofit directors and their development officers, etc.

These people all have something to sell: a product, service, internal initiative, social cause, their vision, mission and/or beliefs.

But they’re frustrated because they’re not as effective at communicating their story as they desire.

So they have listened the Business of Story over the past eight years to learn tips, tools and techniques to grow as more confident and compelling storytellers.

We’re looking for guests who inspire our audience like the collection of people who appear on this anniversary show:

Are you or the person you are pitching Known as a thought leader in your/their industry, like…

Do you or your client illustrate your business points through stories that make you even more likable to our listeners by being entertaining, which to me is the best form of education?

Are you or your prospect a trusted leader in your/their field with a large social following and an email list where you will promote your appearance like…

Brands we work with and the professionals who listen to our show:

I consult, teach, coach, and speak internationally to help leaders excel through the stories they tell. These brands, their people, and professionals like them are avid listeners of The Business of Story:

What we consider in a guest:

  • What unique storytelling skills will the guest teach our audience?
  • Is the guest an influencer in their industry?
  • How large of a following does the guest have?
  • Will they generously promote their appearance?
  • Will the guest introduce Park to a potential client for Business of Story workshops, mastery courses or keynotes?
  • Is the guest willing to purchase an ad on the following episode?

Do you want to perfect your pitch to our show and other podcasts?

If so, then take The ABTs of Agile Comunications™ micro-training course and repitch me.

Thank you for your time reviewing our list of guest qualifications.

Even if you find that The Business of Story platform is not right for you, perhaps you know someone else who might be a better fit.

Now that you know what we’re looking for, please send them our way.

We’re not monkeying around.

Thank you.