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#62: 6 Attributes of Compelling Stories that Sell

#62: 6 Attributes of Compelling Stories that Sell

I’ve got a question for you: do swine swim?

That’s right. Do pigs swim? And if they do swim, do they dog paddle or do they pig paddle? How can you use the story of a swimming pig to sell expensive photography? We’ll answer these and many more business story questions on this episode.

51-6q7amsll-_sl250_I’ve got an author who has written several books on the subject of business storytelling, and he’s got a new one to share. His name is Paul Smith and he’s just released Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sales.

In this show, we look at the six attributes that make up a great story and how can you use those in your daily work as a business leader and communicator. Plus, we share several of the 24 kinds of stories that you should always have in your back pocket. You can pull them out at a moment’s notice, put them into presentations, or use them for your own podcasts, blogs, and social media. They’re proven, they work, and they’re fascinating.

Key Quotes:

“The word-of-mouth value of a story is way better than a list of dry facts and arguments.” —@LeadWithAStory (click to tweet)

“You need to think about and craft out your stories.” —@LeadWithAStory (click to tweet)

“There’s all kinds of research, cognitive science, that supports our need to share stories and draw meaning from them.” —@LeadWithAStory (click to tweet)

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