Neil Nelson

#302: How to Make Your Stories More Accessible for Your Audience

#302: How to Make Your Stories More Accessible for Your Audience

It’s not enough just to share a good story – you have to make it accessible for your audiences. Access IS success, but we’re not talking about media channels. We’re talking content that is timely, relevant and most importantly shared from your audience’s point of view.

One man who is an expert at making his storytelling accessible to his audiences, his readers, his viewers, and his customers is Neil Nelson. Neil is the founder of Atlanta Black Star, a top-ranked national online news outlet covering politics, social justice issues, entertainment and culture for Black Americans. As a multi-business entrepreneur, Neil has played a pivotal role in the digital media landscape for African-American audiences, successfully developing numerous online platforms and partnering with Fortune 500 companies to maximize consumer engagement.

He grew Atlanta Black Star to be one of the largest digital media properties in under three years through accessible storytelling.

In this episode, you will learn how to make your brand, business, and sales storytelling more accessible to your audience. Listen as Neil shares his exact storytelling methods that quickly grew his digital media properties.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The storytelling strategies Neil used to build his multiple digital media properties and how it has kept him as a thought leader in his industry
  • The unique power of telling stories that connect with your customers and how it is key to growing your business
  • The importance of narrative and its fundamental value in organizing society and individual human consciousness
  • The art of Access and why you need to be implementing it as part of your brand story strategy to connect with your customers


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