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Luis Miguel and Sabra Rubenstein, CEO and Director of Marketing for Avantpage

#151: How to Use the Story Cycle System™ to Become an Activist Brand

#151: How to Use the Story Cycle System™ to Become an Activist Brand

In 2016, Avantpage, an international language translation company, set out to give their already successful company a revamp. They wanted to start standing for more in the world.

They did this by redefining not only their brand strategy, but their brand story. And, it has already increased sales by 30 percent!

Avantpage has honed in on their differentiated brand voice as activists helping immigrants realize their own American Dream. Their new brand story is now based on a call-to-arms of sorts: Empathy beyond words.

On today’s show, hear how you too can bring an energy to your brand by taking a risk and truly standing for what you believe. Luis Miguel, founder of Avantpage, and Avantpage’s Director of Marketing, Sabra Rubinstein, take you through how Avantpage used the Story Cycle System™ to define and refine their brand story that their entire team can live into and prosper from.

After more than a year in the making, Avantpage launched its new brand story in May, and it’s already paying dividends. Their team is now all pulling in the same direction. The right clients are self-selecting to become part of the Avantpage family. New business is on the rise. And they are putting their own dent in the translation universe by helping immigrants overstand what is happening in their world (That’s not a typo, but a thing.)

Listen now to learn how you can find your distinct advantage, differentiate your brand from your competition and stand out in a noisy world.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How to redefine your brand strategy to find your authentic story
  • The art of activating your activist brand voice
  • Finding that one word that is the “north star” to everything your brand stands for

Key Quotes

“We’re not just about providing good service, we are about really helping immigrants succeed.” –Luis Miguel

“We are going to take a stance. And by taking a stance, we’re going to piss a few people off. But that’s going to happen.” –Sabra Rubinstein

“It’s not enough to understand, we have to overstand.” –Park Howell

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