Dana Malstaff

#368: How Agile Storytelling is Key to Building an Engaged Community

#368: How Agile Storytelling is Key to Building an Engaged Community

Dang, don’t we all want to build as engaged of a community as possible? If we use proven agile storytelling frameworks, then we can turn our followers from customers to brand ambassadors sharing our story with their worlds.

But we don’t engage like we could because we’re missing out on some simple, proven techniques that truly connect with our audiences.

Dana Malstaff, Founder of Boss Mom and creator of the Nurture to Convert Society, shows us how with her Permission Sandwich template. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Dana is a mother, author, podcaster, content strategist, template architect, blind spot reducer, engagement facilitator, and movement maker.

She helps moms with beautifully unpredictable schedules grow successful and sustainable businesses that don’t take up all their time, and keep working even when they have to step way to be a mom (or any other important role).

You’ll learn…

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why your stories don’t matter as much as their stories matter.
  • Why you should embrace your strong opinions to differentiate yourself and your brand.
  • Why sharing your hot mess helps build a connection with your people.
  • The six ingredients of Dana’s Permission Sandwich
  • How telling stories to create a sense of belonging is the key to creating community and loyalty.


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