Amy Schmittauer and Vincenzo Landino

#96: Story Tell Like A Boss With Your Vlog

#96: Story Tell Like A Boss With Your Vlog

It’s not too difficult to get your story out there.

There are myriad social media platforms that streamline your content creation process. But, with hordes of videos, blogs, tweets, Snapchats, Instagrams and updates added constantly, it’s difficult for your message to reach the surface in this sea of content. 

What can a brand do to stand out? What are the secrets to finding your way into the lives of your audience? Why can a 10-year-old do this stuff better than me? These are the tough questions that struggling media marketers ask every day.

This week features the dynamic social media marketing duo of Amy Schmittauer and Vincenzo Landino.

Amy is the creator and host of the widely successful vlog, Sexy Savvy Social. To the untrained eye, her simple video format may seem ordinary, but the techniques used are remarkably powerful.

Amy has crucial advice for any blogger, vlogger, Youtuber or story marketer trying to get noticed in the cacophony of media. Amy also is the author of bestselling book, Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill it Online With Video Blogging.

Amy Schmittauer


Vincenzo, the creative director of Aftermarq and host of the Brand Boost Podcast, has worked with brands to bring stories to life through creative videos. He helps organizations manifest the “start-up sexy” marketing ideology that commands total brand appeal.

If you’re having trouble getting your voice heard by the right ears, this episode is for you. Tune in for advice and wisdom from two of the world’s best content creators, and you too can learn to navigate through the social media frontier.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Skills for successful video marketing creation
  • Importance of simplicity and specificity in marketing
  • The “do”s and “don’t”s of a brand taking a stand

Key Quotes

  • “Video creators don’t survive because they lose sight of who they talk to.” – Amy Schmittauer
  • “You have to look at the camera like it’s a human being. One human being.” – Amy Schmittauer
  • “When you take real action, you have something to show.” – Amy Schmittauer
  • “All that matters is that you told your story, not the medium you use or how you told it.” – Vincenzo Landino
  • “We don’t have to be everywhere. Nobody wants to see everything of every day.” – Vincenzo Landino
  • “Too many people put out too much garbage. It’s not enough to just start blabbing, you gotta have a point.” – Park Howell

Story Marketer of the Week: AirBnB

Now that you’ve listened to the audio from our Story Marketer of the Week section, you’re ready to experience the whole video (and if you haven’t listened yet, you should! Tune in at 35:32). This beautifully crafted advertisement features a simple tale of a man struggling with his past, and the efforts to help him move through the emotional impact. You’ll quickly see why I’ve decided to name AirBnB again as our Story Marketer of the Week.


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