Annie Franceschi

Annie Franceschi, Greatest Story Creative Founder

#107: Using Story To Evolve a Dream Job Into Your Dream Life

#107: Using Story To Evolve a Dream Job Into Your Dream Life

Have you ever had a long time achievement become a disappointment? Or worse, your dream becomes a disaster?

Our guest this week is Annie Franceschi, founder of the Greatest Story Creative. Annie worked for years to attain her dream job as a writer for Disney. But once she achieved her dream she found it was not what she had hoped. That’s why she gave up her long-sought career and began pursuing a new dream.

Annie’s passion is helping small businesses and people find their personal story. Individualized branding is her specialty, and her experience in the film industry matched with her journey finding her true calling has given Annie tremendous insight into the art of crafting honest and compelling stories. 

Annie can teach you how to utilize your origin and strengths to create great stories like a pro.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • What you plan for your career is not always your greatest calling
  • How to best play into your strengths
  • How brands, like movies, create epic stories to make your customers feel less alone

Annie Franceschi

Key Quotes

  • “I wasn’t honest with myself because I was so worried about what other people would think.” – Annie Franceschi
  • “You constantly live the story, but it’s hard to see it in the moment.” – Annie Franceschi
  • “No matter your service or product, people are always going to invest in people.” – Annie Franceschi
  • “I work with people who say they’re not creative, who don’t know how to tell their story. I always tell them to start with their origin.” – Annie Franceschi
  • “Don’t worry about if your story is marketable for a business. Start with the things you love.” – Annie Franceschi

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