Gideon For-mukwai, Founder of Story Warrior Associates

#118: How to Become a Storytelling Warrior

#118: How to Become a Storytelling Warrior

When you’re presenting on stage, chairing a meeting, or even talking with a friend at a coffee shop, you may find yourself struggling to give your idea a sense of importance. I mean, how can you convey the depths of your imagination through simple conversation?

Your thoughts could change the world, but without the ability to properly share it, your idea may fizzle. There is nothing more crucial than being able to convey your imagination and experience. Learn how to become the best communicator you can be fro one of the masters.

Gideon For-mukwai, the founder of Story Warrior Associates, is a world-renowned storytelling coach, dedicating his life to sharing the tremendous impact of storytelling for business leaders. Raised in a Cameroonian village in Africa, Gideon learned as a boy how a simple narrative can move an entire community to action. As described in his book, The Science of Storytelling, Gideon will teach you his Story DNA Method to help you create simple yet profound narratives for any situation. How to be a storytelling warrior

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Gideon’s Story DNA Method
  • Story mistakes most leaders make
  • The four elements he has found to make every story work

Key Quotes

“Storytelling is an invisible asset, nobody knows you are deploying it but you can use it to do anything.” Gideon For-mukwai

“Stories are the lifeblood of a presentation, no matter how technical.” Gideon For-mukwai

“One story told can change the course of your career.” Gideon For-mukwai

“In our village, if you wanted help from the community, you needed a narrative. Part of your social currency had to be a story.” Gideon For-mukwai

“Story is the best way to get your idea out there without being coercive. Let the characters do the talking.”Gideon For-mukwai

“If you want to make a moment that is memorable, keep it simple. You can say a lot with six words if you do it right.” Gideon For-mukwai

“Even sneaking a little story in can bewitch your audience.” – Park Howell

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