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#282: How Video Storytelling Builds Billion Dollar Brands

#282: How Video Storytelling Builds Billion Dollar Brands

If you want to grow your brand presence online, video marketing may be a go-to tool for you. Because the cacophony of today’s tech-driven communications world demands brand communication be engaging, informative, and easy to digest. And no other storytelling medium can do this better.

But, if you don’t incorporate proven story elements into your video marketing, then your efforts will fall flat. 

On this week’s edition of the Business of Story, infomercial legend Rick Cesari, the creator of iconic brand George Foreman Grill, shares how you can make your online direct response videos captivate customers and ring up sales.

But that’s not all! He will also share lessons and strategies learned during his experience helping to grow four companies from start-ups to over a billion-dollar business. Listen as Rick explores the power of telling your origin story in your online videos to sell almost anything.

Discussed in this Episode

  • What all of us can do to be found on Amazon or online in general, and how does video play an integral role
  • What kind of images and videos sell online and what kind don’t
  • The 6 basic “hot buttons” that you must appeal to in your online videos and examples of each
  • How you can incorporate the 6 basic “hot buttons” in your brand messaging

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