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#359: How Body Language and Voice Skills Make Your Stories Sing

#359: How Body Language and Voice Skills Make Your Stories Sing

It doesn’t matter how seasoned a presenter you are whether you’re presenting on a large stage, delivering a speech in a boardroom, or preparing for a critical sales pitch in a virtual chat room  – presentations require an incredible amount of skill. But it means absolutely nothing if you lack the congruency in your delivery. You need to stop discounting your non-verbal cues to motivate your audience to take action.

Communication expert, Richard Newman demonstrates how to use body language and voice skills to create greater impact with your business and leadership storytelling in his best-selling book, You Were Born to Speak. Richard is the founder of Body Talk, a global leader in evidence-based courses on the psychology of communication helping business leaders around the world with their communication skills on the biggest stages. He even had one client win over $1 Billion in new business in one year, using his own techniques. 

Richard had to learn all this from scratch because he is not only highly introverted but was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He was painfully shy as a child, at age 18, he started his mission to discover the core communication principles. He went to live in the foothills of the Himalayas with Tibetan monks, who spoke no English. They had to communicate non-verbally to understand each other. He then worked as a professional actor, studying how to walk, move and speak to increase his impact on an audience. He became a keynote speaker, coach, author and speechwriter, winning the coveted Cicero Grand Prize for Best Speechwriter of the Year.

Richard’s research on non-verbal communication was published in the Journal of Psychology. His study proved that you can increase your leadership ratings by 44% and win 59% more votes in an election by changing a few simple behaviors.

Join us, as we explore how body language and voice skills will improve your storytelling. Richard also shares his one secret that will transform your influence in every situation so that you can inspire, motivate and lead people to action. 


Discussed in this episode:

  • The habits you may be making that are detracting from your message 
  • How to move with intention and purpose during your presentations to increase engagement
  • The small changes you can make in your meetings to build a story of persuasion
  • How to effectively use your body language, tone of voice and words in complete congruency to dramatically improve the way people will respond to you
  • Ways to develop your voice skills to influence how you want your audience to feel about your message
  • What is leaders LIFT and how it can transform your influence in every situation so you can inspire and excite people into action


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