Richard Gillingwater

#357: Which Personality Archetype Best Tells Your Brand Story?

#357: Which Personality Archetype Best Tells Your Brand Story?

Just like us, brands are a complex expression of many different personalities and behaviors depending on what we’re communicating and who we are communicating with. If you can unearth your personality archetype, then you can tell your stories in more powerful ways that make it more believable, distinct and emotionally engaging for your audience – better connecting with them in a honest and primal level.

The Managing Director of Emotional Branding, Richard Gillingwater shows us the importance of defining the authentic character archetypes for your brand to enhance your business storytelling. Richard is also the founder of RADNB, a personality archtyping mapping tool and database of over 2,000 brands. Each brand is mapped through the lens of 60 archetypes and their unique look and feel. Developed with Imperial College London, this is a tool for Researchers, Creatives, Strategist, and Brand Managers alike to help you find your primary and supporting archetypes. 

Richard was trained as a graphic designer, as an experienced marketer and brand consulting working with some of the largest ad agencies in the UK, and he’s an ardent student of behavioral science. This gives him the advantage of having both a foot in the creative and strategic world of branding.

Richard’s new RADNB is the first database of its kind that “tunes into” the look and feel of a brand’s communication and it’s narrative to identify the 60 unique archetypes. The traditional model was too limited and inflexible for brands that had multiple sets of core values and needs. He not only found that these archetypes were out of date, but they weren’t reflecting the core needs of a brand if it was multifaceted.database was born out of the frustration of what currently exists and the lack of credibility.

Today, we explore why the personality nuance found in so many archetypes is important for your brand storytelling. The difference between feelings and emotions and which of the two you want to trigger with your storytelling and how you can find the flow state in your audiences and hook into their creative unconscious.


Discussed in the episode:

  • What is a brand archetype and how to distinguish your own brand’s archetype
  • Why you need to mix a blend of archetypes to tell the different levels of narratives in order to meet where your customers are at in their journey
  • Creating tension in your storytelling to make it more real, compelling, credible and communicate complex narratives that resonate with the needs of your customers
  • The creation of RADNB and the process that was used to map out the 60 archetypes
  • How to utilize your brand archetypes to communicate visually to different audiences throughout the customer journey
  • How Richard avoided the trap of subjectiveness when mapping the archetypes during his research
  • The RADNB tool: who is it for, when is it available and how can you use the data set


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