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#467: How to Find and Share Your Brand’s Unique Qualities in Your Storytelling

#467: How to Find and Share Your Brand’s Unique Qualities in Your Storytelling

You work to deliver your product or service and grow your brand.

But it feels like scaling your business is a real pain.

I know I’ve experienced this with The Business of Story.

Then one day someone shows up and points out a differentiating quality in you that provides a remarkable competitive edge, but you have been so busy in the trenches, in the fog of war of business, that you overlooked it?

We’ve all been there. I mean my Endodontist doesn’t perform her own root canals on herself. She brings in an expert. 

And that’s why I’m excited to have Barry LaBov, Founder & CEO of LABOV Marketing and author of The Power of Differentiation: Win Hearts, Minds and Market Share, on the show.

He will show you how to find the unique qualities that make you stand out.

The process can sometimes feel like a root canal, but oh what a relief it is when you bring your brand’s endearing attributes to life.

Barry is a two-time Entrepreneur of the Year, marketing firm founder with clients that include Macallan Scotch,  Harley-Davidson, and even Audi.

His goal is to inspire over a million people worldwide with the message that leaders must discover what makes their company distinct and then celebrate it first with the most important people in their world, their employees before they launch to the world.


  1. Identify Your Unique Qualities: Discover what sets your brand apart from the competition. Understanding and highlighting these unique attributes will help you tell compelling stories that resonate with your audience.
  2. Engage and Inspire Employees: Start by celebrating your brand’s uniqueness internally. When employees are proud and inspired, they become powerful ambassadors of your brand story.
  3. Differentiate to Stand Out: Use differentiation as a strategic tool to move your brand from mediocrity to prominence. A well-defined and communicated unique value proposition helps capture market share and drives business success.


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