Cassie Roma, GM New Zealand Media & Entertainment

#123: How to Tell Brand Stories on Purpose that Resonate with Your Audiences

#123: How to Tell Brand Stories on Purpose that Resonate with Your Audiences

We all know that story brand marketing is more than just selling your product. It’s about creating an unbreakable bond between your customers and yourself through an authentic, emotional appeal.

But in our age of digital marketing, the transition from print publishing to online communications can be a struggle. Our guest today will teach you how to approach story branding through every possible channel, to engage your audience and drive powerful new stories.

Cassie Roma joins us from New Zealand to bring her years of storytelling experience to you. She is the GM of content marketing at New Zealand Media and Entertainment, where she works with her team to create incredible narratives that fit in any form of media.

She’s a renowned keynote speaker and social activist in LGBT groups in and around New Zealand. She’s going to teach you how to romance your customers with storytelling, drive deep customer engagement, explain why she believes modern marketing is going through a renaissance, and how you can use this to rise to the top.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The importance of wooing your customers with stories
  • What to look for in a story to make it uniquely your own, and relevant to and resonate with your audiences
  • Examples of some of Cassie’s favorite brand storytelling campaigns

Key Quotes

“My passion was born into me by this love of stories, using language to create visual imagery.” – Cassie Roma

“I did whatever I could to be around creative people. I didn’t realize it, but what we were all doing was congregating and telling stories.” – Cassie Roma

“Never ever forget the human at the end of a story.” – Cassie Roma

“Storytelling is that human connection that makes you resonate with your customers.” – Cassie Roma

“What’s your story? What do you stand for? How is a human being going to connect with you so they know you are going to give them some sort of value? – Cassie Roma

“People got lazy at marketing. Just features, functions and benefits, and no romancing the customer with story.” – Park Howell

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