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#229: How to Tell Powerful Brand Stories With Video

#229: How to Tell Powerful Brand Stories With Video

As entrepreneurs, we all share a desire to increase our influence and customer base to grow our brand. And we can start by gaining the trust of our audiences. But while traditional storytelling is the ideal way to establish trust and rapport, it’s important to look for ways to expedite the process. Utilizing video documentaries just might be the solution you need to take your brand stories to new horizons and connect with your audience faster.

My guest Jude Charles is a gifted story-driven filmmaker, brand strategist and speaker. For nearly 15 years, Jude has crafted documentary-like origin stories for world-class brands such as Google, Coldwell Banker, and celebrity Steve Harvey, just to name a few. Through his Dramatic Demonstration of Proof™ process, Jude helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs bring their story to life through documentaries and videos, and shares with us how we can do the same.

The first step in the Dramatic Demonstration of Proof™ process is to understand your origin story, that is why you do what you do. Once you have this narrative, it is imperative to share. By doing so, you humanize yourself and your brand.

The origin story is crucial to not only to understand who the person is behind the brand but also to be able to truly connect with them. ~Jude Charles

It is only through connection and vulnerability that trust can be built. And what better way to be vulnerable and connect than to show that we are who we say we are?

Documentary style filming allows for viewers to see what is really happening when no one is looking and therefore understand what the true offering is. ~Jude Charles

So, don’t just tell your customers why you are the best, show them.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How to utilize story for transformation
  • Why it is story that makes us uniquely human beings
  • Why it is that story ultimately always reveals the truth
  • The importance of knowing your origin story and then sharing it
  • How story is, among many other things, a wish-fulfilling mechanism

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