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#213: Why Brand Storytelling is an Endurance Sport

#213: Why Brand Storytelling is an Endurance Sport

Building any successful brand requires strategy, energy and time. But the journey can appear daunting and shortcuts can fool us, often resulting in disastrous outcomes. Therefore, if you apply similar rules that you might keep in mind when finishing a marathon, you will have a much better chance at long-term success for your brand.

There is no better guest to share on this topic than Bill Rozier, a World Marathon Majors conqueror, and international brand strategist. Bill has found many parallels between B2B brand building and what goes into successfully completing a major race.

One of the most important (and surprising) similarities is that both brands and marathons are driven by analytics. Training for and partaking in any endurance run requires data observation in areas such as heart rate, calorie intake and outtake, and distance. Brands need to collect data that will help them understand who their customers are and how your brand can continue to add value to their lives. After all, customers want to buy from brands that care about providing more than just a product or service. Ultimately the data is what allows brands to create impactful content that reveals a story that will resonate with your audience.

What you make possible is way more important than what you make. ~Bill Rozier

Discussed in this Episode

  • How to utilize analytics to enhance your brand storytelling
  • Why brands should use visual storytelling
  • The do’s and don’ts of visual storytelling
  • How the use of storytelling can help brands to better understand their customers’ needs

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