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#369: The Easiest Way to Capture Testimonial Stories

#369: The Easiest Way to Capture Testimonial Stories

Video testimonials have become the overwhelming favorite medium for brand marketers to tell their stories. And if you can easily enable your customers to share their testimonials about your product or service, then the goodwill created for your brand becomes exponential.

But it’s hard to capture and produce video testimonials because it’s time-consuming and expensive.

Until now. I’ve been beta testing the new AI-driven video testimonial platform called StoryPrompt.com (this is not a paid endorsement) and love it.

On today’s show, Gavin and Martine Hammar, the founders of StoryPrompt.com, share their inspiration for creating the testimonial capture platform.

But they’re not new to building and selling brands using storytelling as their core marketing tactic. The Hammar’s bootstrapped the social media platform Sendible without any venture funding. They relied solely on story marketing to build Sendible and ultimately sell it in February of 2021.

What they learned about sharing client stories and customer testimonials they have made easy for you to do in your storytelling marketing and sales.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How they used the power of brand storytelling to build and sell Sendible.
  • Why video testimonials are the most powerful form of content marketing.
  • How you can use video, audio and written testimonials to your advantage.
  • The six ingredients of Dana’s Permission Sandwich
  • How telling stories to create a sense of belonging is the key to creating community and loyalty.


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