Nick Gray - Founder of Museum Hack

78: How to Bring Adventure To Your Brand Through Storytelling

78: How To Bring Adventure To Your Brand Through Storytelling

Reaching out to younger generations can be perilous, and it’s easy to get stuck relying on your same old techniques. But disruption of the status quo can help revamp your storytelling in a compelling way that brings adventure to your brand. That’s why it’s worthwhile to try breaking some rules and shaking up your brand story with some new techniques that focus on the full experience of your customers.

Our guest today did something really remarkable. His name is Nick Gray, and he is the founder of Museum Hack. They have made experiencing a museum so novel, interesting, and so much more fun than it used to be. They’re sought after around the country by companies to help them understand how Museum Hack can enhance experiences through narrative.

We’re going to be covering the three things that Museum Hack did to disrupt the museum experience and make it much more attractive, how to overcome gallery fatigue through storytelling, and what businesses can learn from Nick on how to sell adventures instead of products.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • Why breaking the status quo will help you tell a better brand story
  • How to add adventure and audience participation into your office tour
  • How to connect with younger generations by evolving your storytelling

Key Quotes

Three main things: guides, games, and gossip.— Nick Gray

We don’t think of ourselves as breaking the rules, but we’re breaking traditions.”— Nick Gray

We’ve seen storytelling evolve, in that many people are looking for new ways to connect with Millennials. — Nick Gray

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