Bryan Kramer – Author and CEO at PureMatter

How to Build a More Human Brand Story

#55: How to Build a More Human Brand Story

You’ve heard of B2B, but have you heard of H2H? H2H is the concept of brand communications that speak “human to human”. But how can brands do this in a meaningful way? In this Business of Story podcast, we’ll discuss how to humanize your digital B2B strategy and the six categories personal brand archetypes you need to know.

H2H_Byran-Kramer-Business-Storytelling-Podcast-Park-howellBryan Kramer needs no introduction. He is the author of multiple best-selling books, a world-renowned public speaker and a leader in the art and science of sharing. Oh, and he also is one of the initiators of the H2H business movement. As PureMatter says, humans are what power businesses, after all.  Through building relationships, your brand can reframe its communications and tap into the sharing economy.

Are you familiar with the six different brand archetypes? In this podcast, Bryan will help you discover the one archetype to express through your personal passions that drive your professional pursuits, and the stories to create around that to be successful.

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