John Oechsle – President and CEO of Swiftpage

#20: Building Brand Culture Through Storytelling

#20: Building Brand Culture Through Storytelling

Of all the topics discussed on our show today, perhaps none is more important than the concept of ‘fearlessness.’ 

In this episode, we talk of a multitude of storytelling strategies, from characteristics of an important leader to the importance of business culture to the sheer wisdom of storytelling. However, the topic that could benefit us all, either in brand marketing or in our daily lives, is conquering fear. For many, fear is one of life’s most powerful driving forces and when you walk through that fear, you grow as a person. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to do something you’re afraid of.

Today I was privileged to take a trip to the conference of Swiftpage and meet with their CEO, John Oechsle. From small businesses to billion dollar organizations, John has been able to travel the world and experience firsthand the different methods of running a successful company.

He will give us some of his story branding strategies for his company, as well as his three characteristics for a successful leader. Finally, John will give us some invaluable advice on the importance of walking through one’s fear, an exercise in courage he asks all his employees to try.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The three pillars to being a successful leader
  • What are some universal challenges for businesses
  • What is fearlessness
  • Importance of business culture

Key Quotes

“Acquisitions are only successful because of the people.” – John Oechsle

“Culture became extremely important.” – John Oechsle

“Fearless means you’ve conquered a fear.” – John Oechsle

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