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#131: How to Make Your Brand and Business Stories Retellable

#131: How to Make Your Brand and Business Stories Retellable

When I saw James Cameron’s Titanic, I had a fairly good idea of how it would end. I knew the entire sequence of events of this historic voyage before I’d ever set foot in that theater.

But once I was in, once I saw the incredible story being laid out before me, I knew that this well-known event was a timeless journey. When a story is told just right, you can experience it over and over with the same emotional strength as when you first heard it. With the right tools, your brand story can be retellable too.

Retellable Jay Golden

Jay Golden, the founder of Retellable, shares how to make your story a timeless tale.

Author of Retellable: How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose, Jay is an expert in creating stories that are expressive, powerful and applicable in any situation. In his own words, “for a story to change the world, it has to change you first.”

Jay introduces you to his four-step journey model, tips for crafting an overarching story for your brand, and how to make your brand story retellable for any audience. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • Four step journey model
  • How to craft a retellable story
  • Finding your overarching story

Key Quotes

“At the end of the day after these thousands of bites of information, we only remember a few and those are stories.” – Jay Golden

“The core question you should ask is what is the greater story? What is the overarching journey you want your audience to come on?” – Jay Golden

“Purposeful work can not only be entirely transformative, it’s also great for business.” – Jay Golden

“The juiciest stories often represent a deep dive into a conflict, and often it’s not external.” – Jay Golden

“Storytelling is what makes us human. It’s what’s taken us from caveman to consumer.” 

– Park Howell

“Your story is only as good as your villain is evil.” – Park Howell

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