Margot Leitman – 5-time winner of the Moth StorySLAM

Business Story Strategy from an Improv Artist

#15: Business Story Strategy from an Improv Artist

Our guest this week is Margot Leitman, entrepreneur, author, and teacher. Her recent book, Long Story Short, is a hysterical and illuminating text that shows you the importance of creating authentic emotion, and how that relates to your brand story.

She has been featured five times by the non-profit group, The Moth, and is the first NYC participant whose storytelling scored a perfect 10. Today Margot is sharing her story as a young comedian who learned just how powerful story can be.

Learn the most important steps rules for great storytelling, the best methods of approaching your business with a narrative, and how you can lead a story-worthy life.

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • Importance of authenticity and emotion in your story
  • How can your life’s stories make you more interesting?
  • Leading a story-worthy life

Key Quotes:

  • “Don’t you want to hire the person who’s more interesting?” – Margot Leitman
  • “If we don’t root for you, it’s really hard for us to listen to your story.” – Margot Leitman
  • “Storytelling felt authentic, and comedy did not.” – Margot Leitman
  • “I’m not looking for a timeline, it’s the emotions behind it that make things interesting.” – Margot Leitman
  • “I’m often asked ‘can I really tell stories in a business environment?’ and the answer is always yes.” – Park Howell
  • “Story lets us try on trouble.” – Park Howell



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