Cort Dial, Author of Heretics to Heroes:

#116: How To Use Business Storytelling To Move You From Heretic To Hero

#116: How to Use Business Storytelling to Move You From Heretic to Hero

Only when faced with a great adversary does our true character show. Modern humans rarely find themselves in such a situation, many never will. Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir on Modern Leadership by Cort Dial

But those who experience fear during a crisis can create resiliency. It’s in our darkest moments that we reveal our true character. Our guest today has used his story of tragedy to create monumental change.

Author of Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir on Modern Leadership, Cort Dial is a consultant who has fought for years to improve workplace safety in the most dangerous of jobs.

His unique method of facilitating changes involves sharing his personal experience with the dangers of construction. Cort understands the power of raw, authentic emotion, and can help you craft a story that will achieve what others think is impossible.

For more information, Cort has created a page on his website to help us get started at cortdial.com/businessofstory.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Why every story you tell has to have what Cort calls a “Star Moment” to connect with and inspire your audiences
  • How Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey has impacted his life and how you can use it in your leadership development
  • And the five emotional conditions that need to be present if you are going to get your team and your customers to buy into your story

Key Quotes

  • “The things that are most important to performance cannot be quantified.” – Cort Dial
  • “What limits a human’s performance is what they believe is possible.” – Cort Dial
  • “Every story has to have a star moment, something your audience will always remember.” – Cort Dial
  • “Tell a story about why not how.” – Cort Dial
  • “Everyone has a great story, we just need to unearth and find it.” – Park Howell
  • “Story is merely a mirror of life.” – Park Howell

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