Randy Olson

#293: One Framework That Strengthens Your Business Storytelling

#293: One Framework That Strengthens Your Business Storytelling

Your brand’s products or services offer a lot of value to your customers. And you want to share how you can help them through your marketing communications to better your sales efforts and cultivate brand loyalty.

But, your stories are only effective if you can refine your messages down to a singular narrative so you’re not confusing your audiences and customers with a bunch of competing storylines. Simplicity rules!

In this episode, Randy Olson and I provide one big Story Marketing Moment that will teach you how to use the foundational narrative framework of the ABT to win with your business storytelling every time. 

Randy Olson, Harvard Ph.d Evolutionary Biologist-turned-filmmaker, has written his fifth book, The Narrative Gym: Introducing the ABT Framework for Messaging and Communication, where he explores how to shape your singular narratives in a problem/solution dynamic that is irresistible to your audiences.

Randy has written five books to help the science community communicate better using proven storytelling techniques. The Narrative Gym is a short guide that you should have at your side when structuring your stories.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How to bring out your brand’s humanity with your narratives
  • What is the singular narrative and why is it important?
  • Utilizing others to help you shape your narrative
  • How to truly understand and feel the three forces of story for effective communication


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