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#329: The 6 Buyer Archetypes and the Stories You Must Tell Them

#329: The 6 Buyer Archetypes and the Stories You Must Tell Them

Your customers and prospects come in an array of personality types. And if you can understand their behaviors then you can unlock the key in determining what makes them tick, how you can work effectively with them and recognize their genuine influence within their organization to persuade them to ‘sell themselves’ on your offering.

But your selling isn’t succeeding like it could because you’re not connecting with your buyer’s personality type. When you identify their archetype, then you’ll know which stories to tell that’ll move them to action. 

Australian business growth specialist, Wayne Moloney, co-author of the new book The Wentworth Prospect: A Novel Guide to Success in B2B Sales reveals the six archetypes you’ll come across in sales.

Wayne has a global background with over four decades in roles from salesperson to Managing Director. He has helped a diverse range of businesses in Australia, Asia and Europe to achieve their revenue and profit goals. 

Since leaving his corporate career, Wayne has spent over 15 years helping B2B organizations tackle their business growth challenges through the application of sound sales and business strategies, developing salespeople and applying LEAN principles for sustainable sales success. He was also the co-founder of Sales Leader Forums and a foundation member of Sales Masterminds APAC.

Listen as we explore the 6 buyer archetypes you are most likely to encounter in your sales and how to connect with their view of the world through the stories you tell.


Discussed in this episode 

  • The importance of taking your customer on a ‘Thinking Journey’ to help them move out of their current state and discover their ideal future state
  • The 3 Change Agent Archetypes (Champion, Sage and Inquisitor) versus the 3 Advocate Archetypes (the Mercenary, the Accomplice and the Messenger)
  • How you can understand and deal with each of these archetypes to be able to influence and tell the right story 
  • What is the LEAN principle, its 3 key principles and how you can apply this to your selling technique
  • Why you need to ditch the digital and focus on personalizing your sales approach with empathy and personal engagement 
  • What is the EDVANCE sales framework and how you can effectively use this winning sales strategy


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