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Dave Gold - Founding partner, Bouchard Gold Communications

#87: How a Christmas Tree Provides the Framework for Great Story Marketing

#87: How A Christmas Tree Provides The Framework For Great Story Marketing

On this show, we’ll cover how data-driven campaigns are killing the Democratic Party and how you can keep it from happening to your brand. Joining us is a highly decorated thirty-year veteran of the direct mail industry who has worked solely with the Democratic Party, Dave Gold.

Dave is the founding partner of Bouchard Gold Communications. His clients have included Senator Joe Biden, Governor Ann Richards, Congresswoman Betty McCollum, attorney generals, coalitions, causes, propositions, and initiatives. Dave has truly seen it all.

The most troubling recent trend is a reliance on big data, which is leading to micro-targeting and micro-thinking without a compelling overarching narrative for audiences to connect with.

On this episode, you’ll learn about the importance of communicating values to stir emotions that drive behavior towards your brand, how Republicans are trumping Democrats with their compelling use of narrative, and how you can do the same to your competition. We’ll also share how a Christmas tree can act as the foundational story in everything you do. 


In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How you can prevent data-driven campaigns from killing your brand
  • Why communicating values to stir emotions that drive behavior towards your brand is important
  • How you can use compelling narrative to trump your competition


Key Quotes

“I often say that if you don’t change somebody’s behavior with a program of mail, then you’ve killed trees for no purpose.” – @DaveGold6 (click to tweet)

“What we have to do is find a narrative thread that connects the different issues.” – @DaveGold6 (click to tweet)

“Issues are to a campaign message what ornaments are to a Christmas tree.” – @DaveGold6 (click to tweet)

“I believe in message-driven, data-informed campaigns.” – @DaveGold6 (click to tweet)

“People buy with their hearts and justify their purchases with their heads.” – @DaveGold6 (click to tweet)

“Brands need to take a deep breath, step back, and say that it’s not about them – it’s about their customers first and foremost.” – @ParkHowell (click to tweet)


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