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#456: How to Communicate Your Brand Story With Compelling Clarity

#456: How to Communicate Your Brand Story With Compelling Clarity

As a brilliant brand marketer, you know the importance of always sharing clear and compelling stories about your product or service.

But you’re sometimes frustrated because finding clarity can be a murky exercise, especially if you don’t have a consultant outside of the fog of war in your business who can often see your story more clearly than you can.

Kathy Guzmán Galloway is a 20-year veteran of the CPG world.  She operates in her zone of genius as a strategist and facilitator, helping organize data and thoughts to create the clarity needed to make decisions with confidence.

In the past 10 years, she has built her consultancy, The Clarity Wizard, by working with some of the largest, youngest, and most innovative brands.

As a strategist, she helps brands drive growth with innovation.  As a facilitator, she provides strategic thought leadership for clients who are often too busy running their businesses to find ‘thinking time’ to grow their business through the clarity she provides.

Kathy shares her background in consumer packaged goods and how she discovered her knack for synthesizing information into clear and compelling messages.

We explore the challenges of taking complex ideas and simplifying them for effective brand storytelling.

Kathy emphasizes the need for brands to revisit their positioning regularly to stay relevant in a changing market.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Know what you know and differentiate between hypotheses and assumptions.
  2. Understand your audience by spending time with them and using their own words.
  3. Choose words carefully as every word implies a tone, message, and emotion.
  4. Access data and insights through post-purchase surveys, conversations with customers, and panel research.
  5. Use the Clarity Catalyst Framework to establish brand purpose, mission, positioning, values, and identity.
  6. The ABTs of Agile Communications can help create clarity and certainty in brand storytelling.


  • 00:00 Introduction to Clarity
  • 00:38 Cathy’s Background and Expertise
  • 08:19 Taking Complex Ideas and Simplifying Them
  • 09:49 The Importance of Revisiting Brand Positioning
  • 13:46 The ‘And Also’ Problem in Brand Communication
  • 15:11 Focusing on the Singular Audience
  • 19:50 Examples of Brands Struggling with Clarity
  • 21:18 The Importance of Execution in Brand Strategy
  • 22:28 Advice for Refining Brand Story and Achieving Clarity
  • 23:11 Knowing What You Know
  • 24:07 Understanding Your Audience
  • 25:02 Using Consumer Language
  • 26:16 Choosing Words Carefully
  • 28:11 Steps to Clarify Your Brand Story
  • 29:50 Accessing Data and Insights
  • 31:45 Clarity Catalyst Framework
  • 35:49 Applicability of the Framework
  • 37:28 ABTs of Agile Communications
  • 40:15 The Power of Language
  • 43:29 Clarity Leads to Certainty
  • 46:34 Getting More Clarity


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