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#330: How to Close the Connection Gap With Your Story

#330: How to Close the Connection Gap With Your Story

In the world of Sales, we often find ourselves making selling harder than it needs to be. And if you can communicate your message with resonance, clarity and simplicity rather than weightless and meaningless statements then you can connect with your audience on a primal emotional level to excite them into action and expedite your sales.

But your messaging isn’t connecting because you’re making it too complex. It doesn’t need to be! The ABT is a simplified, succinct, powerhouse sales tool you can use to deliver your message with transparency and conviction so you can close the connection gap and get your customers from where they are to where they want to be.

In this episode, I’m joined by sales force, Mark Smyth who believes simplicity, clarity and meaningful connection are the keys to solving today’s most complex sales challenges. Mark is an entrepreneurial Sales Performance Coach, strategist and is the founder of HUSSOUL, a sales and consulting firm dedicated to coaching sales and marketing leaders and their teams on how to leverage narrative superpowers to clarify their story, their impact and simplify their lives.

With over 20 years of experience in the proverbial ‘sales trenches’, Mark has turned it into his passion for building high-growth sales teams and developing high-performing sales professionals. From serving as a rep on the front lines of companies like the Chicago Tribune and CareerBuilder to leading fast-growing Sales and Sales Engineering teams at Built In Chicago and Upwork to delivering sales performance coaching and consulting for companies like SEG and The Business of Story, Mark’s own story as a proverbial “sales guy” continues to evolve and expand.

Tune in as we explore the proven and transformational power of story using the ABT (the And, But, Therefore) narrative framework to help you narrow down your messaging so you can bridge the gap in your sales storytelling, connect easier and inspire your audience to action faster.


Discussed in this episode 

  • The friction between marketing and sales and how the ABT can help create a common language between the two to build a path where both worlds can get the results they want 
  • How to become a better business storyteller by becoming a better story seeker
  • The mistakes you’re making in your sales and why you’re being ghosted by your prospects and customers 
  • How to use the ABT to place your customers in the center of your story and not your brand
  • The importance of having a singular narrative that mirrors and matches what problems your customers are looking to solve
  • From crafting your emails, writing copy for your landing pages to objection handling – the places where you can be using the ABT the most successfully in your sales storytelling and processes
  • How you can use the ABT as a listening device in the discovery stages to create impact and open up a story loop


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