Tim Washer, Comedian, Emcee, Keynote Speaker

#135: How to Connect Using Comedic Stories in Your Corporate Communications

#135: How to Connect Using Comedic Stories in Your Corporate Communications

The jury may still be out among corporate misfits, malcontents and miscreants, but pretty much everyone else agrees that storytelling is about the best way to connect emotions. Especially with comedy.

Emotional appeal is the most powerful aspect of story brand marketing, but often we focus on the same emotions. There is an abundance of campaigns seeking to create hope, fear, even shame in their audience. This episode focuses on an underutilized emotion: laughter.

Tim Washer is joining us today to share his experiences as a comedic brand marketer. Tim has worked with major comedy shows, from Saturday Night Live to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to Conan O’Brien. He’s an expert in finding funny situations and can turn the most serious of brands into a lighthearted experience. Tune in today and learn the what, why, and how of comedy storytelling.

  • Helping big brands be funny and connect with their audience
  • How to turn pain into comedy
  • Exercises for creative comical storytelling

Key Quotes

“All seven billion of us have a gift. We’ve been given a spiritual gift that we need to share with others.” – Tim Washer

“If you lampoon the behavior you’re trying to change, the pill is easier to swallow.” – Tim Washer

“Laughter is the quickest way to emotion.” – Tim Washer

“The biggest tragedy is when we let fear get in the way of what we are meant to do.” – Tim Washer

“So much of art is just taking risks.” – Tim Washer

“Comedy comes from pain.” – Tim Washer

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