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Michelle Weinstein, Shark Tank Survivor & Entrepreneur

#145: How to Pitch Your Brand Story

#145: How to Pitch Your Brand Story

Stories sell. And as an entrepreneur, your #1 job will be to sell yourself and your services or products to potential clients. There is no doubt that storytelling works to connect with people on a primal level and move them to action. Telling your story in an enticing and compelling way is half the battle.

Michelle Weinstein knows how to use a story to sell. She’s an entrepreneur extraordinaire and survivor of the infamous show Shark Tank. Michelle also runs ThePitchQueen.com, where she works with entrepreneurs to teach them how to sell themselves and their services effectively without annoying prospects or driving them away with boring sales pitches.

In this episode, Michelle will show you how to close any deal that comes your way, sell more of your products or services, and turn a NO into “YES” so that you can serve more people and make a bigger difference in the world.

It all starts with finding your superpowers, forged from your experiences, moments, and scenes. Remember: Compelling storytelling is ALWAYS about the moments. Your moments or are composed of your experiences that define your beliefs, which lead to your truth.  When you unwrap your truth, you’ll find your superpower.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How you can double your sales while only working half as much
  • How to get comfortable being in the unknown
  • How to tell a compelling brand story as an entrepreneur

Key Quotes

“People want to connect with people. And people want to buy from people. And the more stories you tell, the better.” –Michelle Weinstein

“Your revenue in the door is your livelihood of your company.” –Michelle Weinstein

“The thing that you are really, really good at is the service that you can probably get paid the most for.” Michelle Weinstein

“A lot of our dreams, goals and aspirations, usually is stopped due to some sort of fear.” –Michelle Weinstein

 “Get comfortable in being in the unknown.” –Michelle Weinstein

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