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#322: How to Craft a Better Family Business Story

#322: How to Craft a Better Family Business Story

The two most important assets in your life are your family and business. And you want to make sure your family business can survive the next generation so you can build a sustainable future and stay on the winning track to long-term success.

But, you can only create a high-performing winning team if you can step into the true power of a visionary leader. You need to start implementing the right systems for building a resilient and solid team and family so you can avoid the path to family conflict and business failure.

In this episode, I’m bringing in my very good friend, Pete Walsh. Pete knows a ton about what it’s like to be born into a family business and how to sustain a successful family business story. He is a Master Coach and a trusted advisor who brings real-life lessons to his family business and executive clients. He uses humor, compassion, tough love and 30 years of family business experience from his own family’s 90-year-old business to guide a business through thick and thin.

Pete has a new workbook called the Family Business Playbook: Your Family’s Path to Long-Term Success, providing powerful tools and step-by-step guides on how to get your team into a “coaching mindset” to increase family engagement in new ways and through productive conversations.

He is also the founder of the Family Business Performance Center, which helps families create stronger relationships that lead to successful and sustainable businesses and families. He specializes in leadership development, succession planning, family business, banking, construction and architecture.

Pete is a happily married husband of 34 years to his beautiful wife and business partner, Karen, and they have two kids of their own, Laura and Will. 

Tune in as Pete teaches us a thing or two about how your family and business can prosper from a more powerful and beneficial business story. Even if you don’t run a family business but view your business as a family, you will find insights that will guide you on how to craft a better family business story.


Discussed in this episode

  • The core elements of what makes a true leader and how to set the right tone for your business so you can build loyalty and trust with your customers and employees
  • What the fundamental communication skills you should be practicing to maintain effectiveness and strengthen your relationships 
  • How to develop your own unique skills and talents that can build on or complement the skills of your predecessors
  • The importance of understanding your personal responsibilities in order to build a business of highly effective people 
  • Pete’s incredible family business story and the timeless pieces of advice that has been passed down to him from his grandfather allowing their family legacy to thrive 


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