Kevin Richardson – Game Designer, Story Consultant & Animator

#2: Create Positive Story Loops

#2: Create Positive Story Loops

How a Story can be Dynamic: Creating Positive Story Loops

What is it that makes a good story? What mechanisms are at play to make an effective narrative tick? Perhaps most important, why would anyone care about my story? Our guest today is a professional in the field of storytelling, and will guide you through a simple storytelling structure that can greatly benefit your brand. If your story brand marketing seems to be lacking, this episode may have what you need to get the story back on track.

Kevin Richardson, who’s worked on productions ranging from video games to Disney movies, has a long and thorough history in crafting stories. His methods of creating dynamic narratives that can involve the audience have caused a dramatic increase in positive views. A story that involves an audience can be astonishingly effective!

Tune in to find out how to optimize your marketing through these simple yet effective storytelling techniques. Learn from a storytelling expert on how to change your good brand story into a great brand story.

Primary Points:

-Universal truths about all stories

-How to make people care about your story

-What people respond to best

Key Quotes:

“Turn data into drama.” – Kevin Richardson

“Persuasion is always better than force.” – Park Howell

“a spoonful of story helps the data go down” – Kevin Richardson

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