Gabriella Mirabelli - Founder of Anatomy Media

#77: How to Create Stories to Engage Millennials With Your Brand

#77: How To Create Stories To Engage Millennials With Your Brand

Understanding the younger generations can be challenging. We all want to attract the younger crowd to our brands, but how do we create content that allows millennials and beyond to come to us?

We have a really fascinating show for you today. It’s all about millennial marketing and how to use storytelling to connect with the millennial world.

Gabriella Mirabelli is the founder of Anatomy Media in New York. She is the foremost authority on translating millennial behavioral trends for executives at major media enterprises. Her company works with such clients as Amazon, NBC, and Universal, just to name a few.

In addition to millennial marketing, Gabriella and I look at what is happening in the binge watching world. We discuss what the binge culture is doing to the way stories are being consumed and what that can mean for marketers out there in your brand story strategy. Let’s jump in!

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s critical to understand how to effectively speak to different generations
  • How to create content that enables customers to consume the story in ways they enjoy
  • How to know when it’s helpful to use data and when it’s better to ignore it

Key Quotes

“Habits die hard.@g_mirabelli (click to tweet)

“Data is important and can be helpful, but data isn’t the only thing.” —@g_mirabelli (click to tweet)

“You’ve got to finish the story.” @g_mirabelli (click to tweet)


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