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JD Dwyer - Founder of The Institute of Wow

#72: Differentiate Your Brand Story by Cultivating Some ‘Wow’

#72: Differentiate Your Brand Story By Cultivating A Wow Factor

Because it can be so tough to make a single brand stand out in the saturated marketing space, brands often resort to dropping their prices to compete. But over time, dropping prices will hurt returns and keep your business from growing. Learning how to create and use a wow factor for your brand will help keep margins high while also expanding and developing your brand story.

JD Dwyer is the founder of the Institute of Wow in Australia. He’s been in advertising and marketing about as long as I have. He helps brands find little wows and big wows to help them take that step out of the primordial muck of commoditization and really do something different. The goal is always to differentiate your brand in the marketplace.

JD will also share the story of his own wow factor moment when he was able to secure Jerry Seinfeld as the spokesperson for a small credit union in Australia. Then, at the end of the show, JD’s going to take us through the top three things that you need to do to grow influence for your personal brand and sales for your business.

You’re going to learn how to find the wow in your offering, how the wow factor helps takes the prospect’s eyes off the price, and how to create customer loyalty in that process.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • What unique selling points are and how to use them to retain margins
  • How to find what is unique about your brand story and make “wow” moments
  • Why it’s so important to keep your website up to date and use testimonials to develop trust in your brand

Key Quotes

“Create a ‘wow factor’ to take their eyes off the price.” — JD Dwyer

“Be absolutely fanatical about collecting data.”— JD Dwyer

“Give them a problem, and then give them a solution. It’s what I call a problem-solution scenario.” — JD Dwyer

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