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#157: Using Journey Maps to Tell Customer and Employee Stories

#157: Using Journey Maps to Tell Customer and Employee Stories

How does a customer experience your brand? Do they leave an interaction feeling enlightened and empowered? Or do they leave feeling disconnected and disenfranchised?

Understanding consumers’ personas and journeys is critical because at the end of the day, brands need to truly connect. If you don’t, you may be losing customers and employees for life.

A customer journey map analyzes all the interactions the customer has with a brand, including emotions, feelings and perceptions throughout every step of the sales process and beyond. Ultimately, you’ll want to connect your brand story to your customers’ stories to elevate, empower, and enlighten them, so you can hopefully retain them for life.

Any business with customers needs to focus on the journey experience and work to constantly improve it. But customer-centricity needs to be built into the culture of the organization from the start.

Your business leaders and employees should be asking, “How do I make sure that everything we do incorporates the customer and their thinking?” Designing customer journeys demonstrates that your business understands what your stakeholders are all about.

And, don’t think that the customer journey ends after a purchase. Always consider your customers’ next step in the sales process (even after they’ve purchased) and work to retain them.

Annette Franz is the queen of customer journey mapping. She is the CEO of CX Journey Inc, a boutique customer experience consulting firm. And on this week’s episode, she will help you frame and design your experiences to provide better journeys for your customers and employees.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How to truly understand and retain your customers
  • The art of using journey maps to connect with your customers
  • Annette’s 5 steps to completely transform your business

Key Quotes

“There are so many businesses who think that the sale is it. And that the customer experience ends at the sale. But it really is only just beginning.” –Annette Franz

“Customer experience is defined as a sum of all of the interactions that a customer has with a brand.” –Annette Franz

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” –Annette Franz

“We want to do journey mapping for our customers. But we also want to do it for our employees.” –Annette Franz

“Yes, you will have intuition. But I always think that you need to back that up that intuition with feedback from your customers.” –Annette Franz

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